Tuesday, August 18, 2015

How many Pennies Are a Million?

One Penny

value  1¢, (one cent)
width  0.75 inches, (3/4 of an inch)
height  0.75 inches, (3/4 of an inch)
thickness  0.0625 inches, (1/16 of an inch)
weight  0.1 ounces, (1/10 of an ounce)
area   0.5625 square inches

One Thousand Pennies

[5 pennies wide x 5 pennies high x 40 pennies tall]

A thousand pennies is only $10.00 worth of pennies, yet it weighs over six pounds.
value  $10.00, (Ten dollars and no cents)
width  3.75 inches
height  3.75 inches
thickness  2.5 inches
weight  100 ounces, (6.25 pounds)
height stacked  62.4 inches, (5.2 feet)
area (laid flat)  562.5 square inches (3.9 square feet)

Hundred Thousand Pennies

Ninety-eight thousand three hundred and four Pennies
[ Two cubic feet ]

value  $983.04
(Nine hundred eighty-three dollars and four cents)
width  24 inches, (two feet)
height  12 inches, (one foot)
thickness  12 inches, (one foot)
weight  614.4 pounds
height stacked  512 feet
area (laid flat)  384 square feet
One Million Pennies

One million, three thousand, seven hundred and seventy-six Pennies
[ A wall five by four by one feet thick with a 9-inch cube stepstool ]
value  $10,037.76
(Ten thousand, thirty-seven dollars
and seventy-six cents)
width  Four feet
height  Five feet
thickness  12 inches, (one foot)
weight  6273.6 pounds (3.14 tons)
height stacked  5,228 feet ( 0.99 Miles )
area (laid flat)  3,921 square feet

One Billion Pennies

One billion, eighteen thousand, one hundred and seventy-six Pennies
[ Five school buses. ]

Each of these blocks represents one 9x11x41 foot school bus - as seen below. If you were to stack all these pennies in a single pile, one atop the other, the stack would reach nearly one thousand miles high. For comparison, note that the Space Shuttle typically orbits only 225 miles above the Earth's surface.
Only in North America and the general scientific community is this number (1,000,000,000) called a "billion". Most European countries call this number either "one thousand million" or,
in some cases, a "milliard".
value  $10,000,181.76
(Ten million, one hundred eighty-one
dollars and seventy-six cents)
width  45 feet
height  11 feet
thickness  41 feet
total weight  3,125 tons
height stacked  987 Miles
area (laid flat)  3,906,321 square feet (89.7 acres)
One Trillion Pennies

One trillion, sixteen thousand six hundred and forty Pennies
[ One cube measuring 273 x 273 x 273 feet ]

The same football field, set beside our new cube for scale.
value  $10,000,000,166.40
(Ten billion, one hundred and
sixty-six dollars and forty cents)
width  273 feet
height  273 feet
thickness  273 feet
total weight  3,125,000 tons
height stacked  986,426 Miles
area (laid flat)  89,675.2 acres